A world of learning discovery for children age 2 to 8

Bada’s Learning Adventure is the digital companion for the Badanamu Learning Program.
Explore the magical land of Badanamu in an all-new learning app filled with literacy and science and technology courses for children age 2 to 8!
Children can choose the characters they like, making learning more fun and interesting.

iOS, Android, Windows

iPad 2, iPad Mini or higher
Galaxy Tab, MiPad 3 or higher

Requires 100MB minimum space
Offline Mode: Requires additional 500MB space

English, Korean, Chinese
(multi-language support, 20++ languages)

150+ books

30,000+ hours

200+ clips

80+ learning songs (updated monthly)
30+ phonemic clips (updated monthly)
Season updates
(e.g., Christmas, New Year’s Day contents)

YES. Parents can check their child’s progress and compare it with a friend or classmate.
They can also control the levels and modules and purchase learning packages.

YES. An option to receive learning assessments and recommendations via email is available through the Parent Menu.

Multiple profiles can be made under one parent account. Each registered child will have access to their own content and continue with their progress.