Badanamu : Learn & Play

A world of learning discovery for children




Enjoy a comprehensive, playful learning program for kids!
Explore and learn various topics with Badanamu’s engaging and interactive programs!

Badanamu Learn and Play allows users to subscribe and download
current and future Badanamu’s engaging and interactive programs





Watch the exciting and educational Badanamu Cadets
Go beyond each episode as they teach a wide variety of cool topics
STEM learning is more fun with the Cadets!



Bada Rhyme

Experience Badanamu’s classic nursery rhymes!
Read classic nursery rhymes with a modern, Badanamu twist
They help children become familiar with English sound patterns

A – All lessons begin with a music video and a storybook.
B – Quizzes are used for assessment. It can be unlocked after completing 60% of the activities.
C – Six activities related to the lesson. They are customized to match the learning objectives.
D – Stickers are earned as the user completes each activity.





Explore and learn various topics with fun and simple mini-games



Curly’s Weather Report

Curly is outdoors having fun!
You can control the weather and see how Curly reacts to each change!



Pogo’s Quick Clips

Watch and learn epxressions and phrases
with clips from our popular animations!

A – The main selection menu shows all the available clips.
B – The categories makes it easy for users to access different types of clips.


Stage 1 User selects a clip of their choice.

Stage 2 The clip stops every few lines and asks a question. The user select the correct dialogue line.

Stage 3 The user is prompted to record the dialogue for speaking practice.

iOS, Android, Windows

iPad 2, iPad Mini or higher
Galaxy Tab, MiPad 3 or higher

Requires 100MB minimum space
Offline Mode: Requires additional 500MB space

English, Korean, Chinese
(multi-language support, 20++ languages)